The Hollywood Sign; today a tourist attraction, but originally used for marketing.

Commercial texts are often translated due to an international cooperation.
EJC Translations would like to translate your advertising message.

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A travel blog, school & work reports or personal documents. EJC Translations offers qualitatively good translations.

Read the response of Ronald and Mireille, who sent their official adoption documents to EJC Translations to be translated.

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A book? A short story? For both fiction and non-fiction you can contact EJC Translations.

In the portfolio you can find an example of a literary translation by EJC Translations of the first chapter of Notes from the Midnight Driver.

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Could you translate this for me ‘quickly’? A translator would like to hear it said different, unless it is an urgent translation. There is more to it than meets the eye. EJC Translations describes some of the guidelines.

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What makes a text good? Most important is that the text is free from typos, inconsistencies or errors in grammar and punctuation. EJC Translations is happy to help you.

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