Translation experience

Under the headline 'translation jobs' you can read the response of Ronald and Mireille, who let EJC Translations translate their personal (adoptive) reports.

Each source text has a different function and has been approached in a proper manner.

In the analysis of "Everything is Illuminated", for example, the different storylines and translation problems in the book are taken into account. A major problem in translating Alex, the Ukrainian translator and guide, is his language. Based on translations of three different fragments, the possible solutions to these problems of translation are described in this analysis.

In the translation of 'Gnome Run', style is the most important element and EJC Translations aimed to achieve the same effect: a fluent (target) text that has the same comic effect as the source text.


Translation jobs

A personal response to a translation job by EJC Translations:''After a pleasant introduction, our ne...



“Proper words in proper places, make the true definition of style.” ― Jonathan Swift This quote show...


Gnome Run

Gnome Run is the first chapter of Notes from the Midnight Driver (Scholastic, 2006). This first chap...