“Proper words in proper places make the true definition of style.”

― Jonathan Swift

This quote shows the importance of choosing words properly, but do proper words in proper places really make the true definition of style? There is no true definition of style, at least not in Foer’s novel Everything is Illuminated. Foer creates two different narrative voices that have their own style and both of these forms are created in a different manner. On the one hand, the voice of Jonathan writes in a literary way, while the voice of Alexander, on the other hand, writes in a peculiar way because of his Ukrainian origin and limited knowledge of English. His style is not created by putting words in their proper places, but by putting words in a different context which results in a humorous effect. This ‘incorrect’ context could, however, also be the proper place, because a humorous effect is achieved. This thesis studies these narrative structures and focuses on their translation problems and the possible solutions for these problems.

Bekijk hier de analyse en vertaling van Everything is Illuminated van Jonathan Safran Foer.

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